Get Involved, Stay Involved!

Before I tell you about the new program Leadership Medina County is rolling out for Senior Leaders called, Legacy Leaders, let me tell you about my mother.

Seven years ago, my parents moved from Wisconsin to Indiana. Having left behind familiar places and a circle of friends, my mom sought to find that same acceptance in her new hometown. She decided to join “Newcomers,” a group devoted to inviting people new to the community and getting them involved. Every month, she would tell me about how she went here and there, met this person and that, and all the new things she was learning about.

She loved it.

She still loves it.

“You’re not new anymore,” I told her recently.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Newcomers is for anyone who wants to learn more about their town and get to know others.”

“Well, then it should be called, ‘New-Or-Old-It-Doesn’t-Matter-Comers.’”

She didn’t respond. She’s used to me.

Which brings us to Leadership Medina County’s new program with a much better name: Legacy Leaders! Maybe you have lived in Medina your entire life. Maybe you are new to the County. Maybe it is something in between. Whatever the case may be, you are welcome! Like our other Leadership programs, Legacy Leaders is about engaging leaders in their community by showing them the numerous ways in which they can be involved.

Bob Thompson, Director of Legacy Leaders

Bob Thompson, the new director of Legacy Leaders, is excited about all the possibilities for the inaugural class. In the condensed version of Bob’s life, his journey has taken him from Detroit to New Orleans to San Francisco to Chicago and finally Ohio. He has been a Medina resident for 32 years. His work experience is as varied as the places he has called home: agriculture, insurance, and consultant work. As an alum of the Leadership Signature Class, he knows the value of getting to know your community.

Bob and I spoke about his upcoming adventure as Legacy Leaders director the other day at Yours Truly. Nearly every server and even the manager stopped by to say hello. It’s quite understandable, too. Bob is genuine, friendly, and open. He is also extremely knowledgeable on many topics. He lives his life by four pillars (which he charmingly calls his four-legged stool): Faith, Family, Friends, and Health.

He is incredibly excited about he his new upcoming role. “My goal is to get people involved in their community. They might have participated previously in a Leadership program, or they might not have. I want to introduce people to a Medina they have never seen before.”

The Legacy Leadership program will provide seniors with a chance to connect with each other and their community. Much like the other Leadership programs available in Medina County, this will focus on getting involved and staying involved.  

If you are interested in Legacy Leaders, please contact Bob at

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