From Kayleigh Keller Sammarco
BLESSING BOX – 📦 💕 •••
We have formed an effort to be • //PROACTIVE// rather than reactive. 🙏🏼
Things to consider are the families who need supplies. The children who depend on the Food items from places like CUPS CAFE + FEEDING MEDINA CO will still have a need and an even greater one in the weeks to follow. . We have designated our Keller Meats Markets as [DROP OFF] locations. These are goin to be CRUCIAL in the days to come. •
We have received word of families losing jobs (until further notice) and for that reason alone, this effort is necessary. Staying ahead of the curve is our plan. 💭 ✍🏼
1. Buy just 1 – THREE extra items at the stores (or online)
2. Gather 1-3 items of the following
– Canned or boxed food item
– household essentials (like a bottle of cleaner/towel/tissues/ spare sanitizer/dish soap (no clothing)
3. Head to 1 of our 2 locations
– KM Litchfield 3739 Avon Lake Rd
– KM @ The Exchange 320 South Court St, Medina
5. Leave items on the porch and call us 📱 … ➡️ just ONE item can make the difference. 🧼🥩
Young & healthy volunteers are probably going to be needed•
We will deliver these items to Churches, Feeding Medina Co,+ CUPS CAFE.
Please feel free to leave items on the porch of either location and give us a call that it’s out there so we can gather it. ❤️ Feel free to message my personal page or our business pages with any help you can provide or if your business would like to collaborate in these efforts. •••

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