Excellence in Leadership Awards, Coming December 5, 2018

Excellence in Medina County Leadership

Current elected officials are not eligible for this award.

This is the only award which may be awarded posthumously.

An individual who meets one or more of the following:

  • Makes significant and tangible leadership contributions to Medina County through extraordinary vision, innovation, inspiration and hard work.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities through career achievements or long-standing participation in community activities with full support of his/her organization, field, and community.
  • Possesses a commitment to remain in Medina County and address the issues that face the county.
  • Values leadership and fosters leadership in others.
  • Contributes to improving the quality of life in Medina County.

Medina County Past Award Recipients

2004 - Cary Blair, Westfield Group Foundation

2006 - Don Simmons, Simmons Bros., Construction

2008 - David B. Jones, Old Phoenix/FirstMerit Bank

2010  - James Gerspacher, Gerspacher Real Estate Grp

2012  - George Paidas, Embros, LLC

2014 – Chuck Hawley

2016 - Ron Paydo, FirstMerit Bank

Excellence in Business Leadership 

An individual who presently and actively meets one or more of the following:

  • Works for (or owns) a business operated in Medina County that represents leadership in its field and is stable strategically and financially.
  • Attracts, retains, expands, or creates business through capital investment or job creation for Medina County.
  • Promotes entrepreneurship in Medina County through innovation, technology development, and creative business solutions.
  • Promotes and coordinates business and financial opportunities in Medina County.
  • Applies business leadership skills in civic activities, not-for-profit companies, or governmental affairs.

Business Past Award Recipients

2004 -  Becky Shotwell, Stop N Go of Medina Inc.

2006 - John Root, A.I.  Root Company

2008 - Jon Park, Westfield Bank

2010 - Denise (“Nizi”) Pozderac, Transitional Living Centers

2012 - Michael K. Baach, The Philpott Rubber Company

2014 – Bill Frantz, Frantz Companies, LLC

2016 – Larry Johns, McJak Candy Company, LLC

Excellence in Education Leadership

An individual who presently and actively meets one or more of the following:

  • Advances and promotes the general principles of education in Medina County.
  • Addresses the educational challenges that face education in Medina County.
  • Engages in educational program development within Medina County.
  • Promotes collaboration between education and local business, civic organizations, or the citizens of Medina County.
  • Promotes career or job-oriented education within Medina County.
  • Exhibits passion for the positive advancement of the children who live in Medina County.
  • Educates, teaches to advance the principles of leadership to students.

Education Past Award Recipients

2004 - James Boyes, Medina County Schools’ ESC

2006 - Linda Bowers, Medina County Career Center

2008 - Dale Fortner, Wadsworth City Schools

2010 - Jim Hayas, Brunswick City Schools

2012 - William Koran, Medina Co Educational Service Center

2014 – Marcus Neiman, Kent State University

2016 - Dr. Elizabeth Watson Schnabel, Medina County Soil & Water Conservation District

Excellence in Health Care Leadership

An individual who presently and actively meets one or more of the following:

  • Engages in supporting the mission of health, wellness, or safety within Medina County related to medical, behavioral, and/or environmental health services.
  • Inspires others to collaborate in expanding resources and programming which will positively impact the array of health related services available within Medina County.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of health, wellness, and/or safety through direct services, or by inspiring others to take part in developing opportunities to improve the health and welfare of citizens in Medina County.
  • Leads by example as he or she engages in his/her professional and personal commitments in the community.
  • Shows commitment to the advancement of community education related to medical, behavioral, and/or environmental health issues facing citizens in Medina County.
  • Serves the community with a selfless and sincere compassion for the betterment of the lives of others.

Health Care Past Award Recipients

2004 - Pat Stevens, Medina County Health Department

2006 - Joyce Giles, Medina General Hospital

2008 - Gail Houk, Alternative Paths, Inc.

2010 - Gary Hallman, Medina General Hospital

2012 - Dr. Kim Bowen, Medina Health Ministry

2014 – Bev Kreiner, Medina County Health Department

2016 - Mary Kennedy, Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital

Excellence in Public Service Leadership  

Current elected officials are not eligible for this award.

 An individual who presently and actively meets one or more of the following:

  • Works for a political sub-division, not-for-profit company, or other public agency in Medina County.
  • Stimulates and fosters interest in ongoing public issues within Medina County.
  • Provides an innovative benefit to the citizens of Medina County.
  • Promotes and fosters collaboration within Medina County to address local needs and challenges.
  • Pioneers programs to guide Medina County into the future.
  • Serves the community with the objective of improving the quality of life within Medina County.

Public Service Past Award Recipients

2004 - William Lyren, City of Wadsworth

2006 - Jim Doutt, Medina County Economic Development Crp

2008 - Barbara J. Dzur, Gerspacher Real Estate Group

2010 - Charles Calvert, Calvert Promotions

2012 - Pamela Miller, Gramercy Gallery

2014 – Linda Hoffmann, Palecek, McIlvaine, Hoffmann & Morse Co. L.P.A.

2016 - Thomas James, Medina County Park District

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