Message from Sandy Hinkle, Class of 2017

Feeding Medin County will commit to pack a bag of food for any child who needs it BUT the schools must provide that head count and then be willing to come to our warehouse and pick up the bags and then home deliver. Schools can recruit from parent groups or staff to help and the delivery should be fairly easy. Bags will include several lunches, breakfast items and snacks. We will do this every week while the children are out of school.
Next Thursday (March 19, 2020) at 7:30 am we plan to do a food distribution at the MC Fairgrounds. People can stay in their cars we will bring the food to them ( to avoid being in a crowd).
Next Friday (March 20, 2020) we will do our usual food packing and delivery to 12 subsidized Senior Housing Facilities across MEDINA County and provide food for 400 seniors in need. We are in need of people to help deliver this food as the organizations that do this on a regular basis are not allowed to participate due to the present restrictions.
If you would like to contact myself or Dan Meagher (Operations Manager) please call the Feeding MEDINA County office at (330) 421-4816. We will also secure a list of other food pantries across our county that will be able to assist people in their neighborhoods. Thank you all for your deep concern about our fellow neighbors. I am certain with all the resources we have in our community we can take care of those who need our support right now.

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